The best restaurants in Santiago 2015

Don Cristóbal Gourmet Restaurant

Hotel Gran Almirante
Estrella Sadalah, 99999 Santiago de los Caballeros

Offers an excellent array
of international and national cuisine
in a typical Spanish patio with live music.

Open for breakfast (buffet style)
and dinner.

Altavista Restaurant

/Hodelpa Centro Plaza
Mella (esq. Del Sol) 54, 99999 Santiago de los Caballeros

Alta Vista, the restaurant
where you can enjoy food and drinks
while admiring
a panoramic view
on the city and the mountains of Santiago.

El Generalisimo Restaurant

/Camp David Ranch Hotel and Restaurant
Carretera Luperon Km 7,5 - Santiago de los Caballeros

It is one of the most upscale restaurants in Santiago.
It has a mountain view at 1200 meters above sea level.
Camp David has a panoramic view of Santiago,
that might be the best place to view the city.

You will also find some of the most expensive and exquisite food of Santiago.

El Pez Dorado Restaurant

Calle El Sol No. 43, Santiago de los Caballeros, 51000

Located in la Calle del Sol, this is one of the more prestigious restaurants of Santiago and is one of the most visited in the city.
Perhaps the most famous restaurant in Santiago de los Caballeros, El Pez Dorado is frequented by the upper classes of this Northen city.

Serving high-quality dishes of Chinese, Dominican and international cuisine since the 1970s, this restaurant is a reliable choice.

Kukara Macura Restaurant

Avenida Francia No. 7, Zona Monumental, Santiago de los Caballeros, 51000

Located in the centre of town. This rustic, cowboy style restaurant is one of the most popular places in town, and is frequented by locals and tourists.

They serve a range of localy inspired dishes, including steaks; seafood; tacos; sandwiches; and burgers.

They present famous artists of typical Dominican music.

Montezuma Restaurant

Av. Francia Esq. Beller, Zona Monumental, Santiago de los Caballeros

The most visited restaurant in Santiago for its Western style and its delicious food.

Bars & Clubs


5 Star Internacional American Sports Bar

Calle Restauración No. 73

Club Tambú Rumbabar

Avenida Texas #18, Edificio Camila


Calle 12, No.13, Los Jardines Metropolitanos

La Arboleda Bar

Genaro Pérez #60, Rincón Largo

Palermo Bar

Calle 2 Esq. Texas Los Jardines

Sabrass Café-Bar

Avenida Juan Pablo Duarte No. 101, Plaza Bulevar Galería

Tailú bar & grill

Sabana Larga #166

Te mataré Batista

Calle Texas esq. Calle 4, Los Jardines Metropolitanos

Vizzio Bar

Francia esq. 16 de Agosto

Xtremo Sport Bar

Av. 27 de Febrero, Llanos de Gurabo, Alpha Plaza

Punto y Corcho - Especialidad en vinos

27 de Febrero, Cerros de Gurabo


Champion Palace

Located near the centre of town. This is the biggest night club in Santiago with a capacity of 2,000 people. It is very popular with a younger crowd of locals and tourists. Djs play aaa range of music from top dance hits to some more Caribbean style music. This is the place to go if you’re looking to party all night.

La Mansion

This is another excellent night club in Santiago, with a very festive and lively atmosphere. It is popular with a mixed group of locals and tourists. This is a great place to go and have fun, a few drinks and mix with the locals and some fellow tourists.

Monte Bar

It is a hot night club where some of the biggest stars go to perform. They have a dj and also live music by Johnny Veentura, Yovanny polanco, and more you could party all night long.

Biu Pub

A very good club in the center of the city.